The Economist: Could Donald Trump’s Attack on the UN destabilize the world? (25/03/2017)

 Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the UN, is trying to reassure everyone in the UN that all the statements from the Trump camp are “just noise,” but Trump has now proposed in its budget to cut America’s contributions to the UN and its own foreign-aid agency by $10.1bn, or 28% from its previous budget. According to the budget proposal, US contributions to UN Peacekeeping operations will be cut from 28 to 25 percent of the UN peacekeeping budget.


Tony Blair: Against Populism, the Center Must Hold (03/03/2017)

 In his opinion article contributed to the New York Times on 3 March, former British Prime Minister Blair finds the Trump revolution is partly economic, but mainly cultural, and suggests that the center needs to develop a new policy agenda that shows people they will get support to help them through the change happening around them.


Thakur: Australia needs to wake up, grow up (15/02/2017)

 Former Senior Vice Rector of the UN Univerity and UN Assistant Secretary-General, Professor Ramesh Thakur of the Australian National University advises “Not just Japan, but others too will have to conduct a more self-reliant diplomacy to cope with the ‘America First` administration.”