Peace mission leadership competencies discussed at the International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centers (IAPTC) meeting held on November 13 in Cairo, Egypt. (27/09/2017)

 Japanese Government Officials and Professor Hasegawa participate in the conference along with 250 specialists in PKO training from all over the world.

 Japanese government officials who participate in the Cairo conference along with Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa were from left to right: Ms. Seiko Toyama of the Secretariat of the International Peace Cooperation Headquarters, Cabinet Office, Mr. Shoji Nomura of the Self-Defense Force of the Ministry of Defense, Mr. Kei Sekiguchi, Director of the International Peace Cooperation Center, Mr. takaaki Tanaka, Research Officer of the International Peace Cooperation Center, and Mr. Shinjiro Hirashima, Deputy Director of the International Peace Cooperation Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.


Japanese government officers with Korean military officer and, in the center, Indian Lt. Gen. (Ret) Jasbir Lidder who is former Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General, United Nations in Sudan (UNMISS).


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