[Japanese Diet Committee for World Federalist Movement] Former Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Diet of Japan, Mr. Bunmei IBUKI, spoke about the role of political leaders in balancing “idealism” and “realism”. (12/05/2020)




ACUNS Annual Meeting Going Virtual


ACUNS Annual Meeting, which was scheduled to be held on 25-27 June 2020 in London, is turned into the first all virtual annual meeting. This is a challenge, but also an opportunity. All plenary and panel presentations and discussions will be held on-line. Additional submission of paper presentation and panel presentation proposals are accepted until 15 April 2020. For details, please see https://acuns.org/am2020/
(Ai Kihara-Hunt, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Tokyo, and Member of the Board of Directors, Academic Council on the United Nations System)


Trilateral Seminar on UN System] 14 Japanese scholars and experts participated in the Asian regional seminar on UN system held in Seoul from November 7-9. (09/11/2019)


Thirteen Japanese scholars participated in the trilateral annual meeting of UN academic associations of China, Japan and Korea held in Seoul. They are shown in the photo: From left to right: TAMAI , Masataka(玉井雅隆)FUJII, Hiroshige(藤井広重)HADANO, Takamitsu(秦野貴光)KARUBE, Keiko (軽部恵子)KUKITA, Jun(久木田純)TAKAHASHI, Kazuo(高橋一生)SHOJI , Mariko(庄司真理子)HASEGAWA, Sukehiro(長谷川祐弘)KIHARA-HUNT, Ai(キハラハント愛)KATSUMA,Yasushi(勝間靖)KULNAZAROVA, Aigul(クルナザロバ・アイグル) KUSHIMA, Shinichi(九島伸一)and INOMATA, Tadanori(猪又忠徳).