Please access below for the membership registration and the update of your profile:

Membership Application

 Please follow the steps as given in the linked page if you want to join us. We protect personal information, provided by the Association’s members.

Profile Submission and Update

 Please send your CV format (including your own photo) when you submit your application form. If any updates occur to your information from that reported at the time of membership application (including name, mail address, affiliation, etc.), please notify the Secretariat (secretariat[@] as soon as possible. We will give you a confirmation mail in a day or two.
 As for the Members’ Profiles at, please contact the webmaster, Shogo YOSHIDA (webmaster[@], if members wish to update the contents of their personal pages.

Membership Fee

    Regular fee: JPY5,000 or USD50

 Remit the annual membership fee at the nearby MUFG Bank. Commission is from JPY0 (free) to JPY324 for each transaction (please see also the MUFG website). Please keep your slip as evidence until you receive a confirmation email from the Secretariat.

 The Bank Account details are as follows:

 === Beneficiary Bank Account ===
   [Bank Name]: MUFG Bank, Ltd. (0005)
   [Branch Name]: Ebisu Branch (136)
   [Account Number]: 1164644 (Ordinary Account)
   [Beneficiary Name]: Global Peacebuilding Association of Japan
 === === === === === === === ===