Tokyo Peacebuilding Forum 2022: “Critical Assessment of Japan’s Policy on Refugees and Migrants” (12/11/2022


The second session of the Tokyo Peacebuilding Forum 2022 was held to make a “Critical assessment of Japan’s policy on refugees and migrants”. Mr. Ken Inoue, Vice President of GPAJ, moderated the session, and Mr. Akio Nakayama, former Country Director, IOM Myanmar, and Ms. Khadiza Begum, Area coordinator of “Online learning support for Rohingya children in Tatebayashi City”. Please read more in detail.


In his keynote address to the conference of Japanese parliamentary members` peace forum in Tokyo, David Malone, Rector of the United Nations University and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, drew a parallel between the UN emerging after World War II as a replacement of the League of Nations, and Japan replacing the failed leadership of the country in the same time period. Malone concluded that the Tokyo parliamentary peace forum can be useful in advancing the debate on actions that needed to be taken to address global crises and challenges.


 David Malone, Rector of the United Nations University and Under-Secre…


Japan Diet Committee for World Federalist Movement, chaired by Secretary-General Masaharu Nakagawa, approves the action plan for Year 2020. (12/05/2020)


Three events proposed and approved by the Diet Committee for World Federalist Movement are (1) Tokyo Peacebuilding Forum (co-sponsored by the Diet Committee and the Global Peacebuilding Association of Japan), (2) the Commission on Global Governance continues to address global issues, e.g. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and gender empowerment, and (3) a signature movement to establish the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.


Ariel Français, former UN official, finds continued expansion of radical Islam in Africa and throughout the world in spite of UN peace operations. (24/11/2019)


Following the presentation of French Ambassador Laurent PIC on the role of France in UN peace operations made at the Tokyo Peacebuilding Forum 2019, the author of Radical Islam and New Imperial Order views radical Islam and the terrorism associated with it as the dark side of the Western world and warns France and the UN about the risk of becoming stuck in a dead-end conflict in Mali.


Thematic Session 3 on UN Reform discussed Reform Ideas presented by Three Experts (02/11/2019)


The moderator of the thematic session on the “Possibility for Constitutional Reform of the United Nations Charter,” Professor Takahiro SHINYO, Former Ambassador to the United Nations and Germany explained that the session was convened to examine the possibility for a fundamental reform of the UN. He then introduced the two presenters, Dr. S.M. SHAREI, Executive Director of the Center for United Nations Constitutional Research, Brussels, and Professor ZHANG Guihong, Director, Center for UN Studies, Fudan University, Shanghai. The moderator informed the participants that Dr. Vesselin POPOVSKI, Professor and Vice Dean, Jindal Global Law School, O.P. Jindal Global University, Haryana, India and Professor Sukehiro HASEGAWA, Executive Director for Academic Exchange, UN Association of Japan will comment on the presentations. Ms. Amishi AGRAWAL, University of Tokyo, acted as a rapporteur.