Akiko ABE


Akiko ABE

 Akiko ABE (阿部 明子)

Current affiliation

 ・International Cooperation/Peace and Development Specialist

 ・Ph.D. Candidate, Waseda University Graduate School

 ・Japanese Positive Health Psychology Society, 2017-Present, International Peace Research Association, 2012-Present

 ・Japan Association for Human Security Studies, 2011- Present, The Peace Studies Association of Japan, 2010- Present

 ・Japan Association of International Relations, 2010- Present, Japan

 ・Association of Asian Studies, 2010- Present and Human Development and Capability Association, 2009- Present

Activities in the Association


Professional history

 ・Associate Protection Officer (Community Based Protection/Durable Solutions) UNHCR、2016-2019
 ・Reconciliation and Development Support Officer, RCO/UNDP、2015-2016
 ・JICA Peace and Development Expert, 2013、JICA Country Officer, 2009-2010
 ・Programme Officer, UNDP/UNV, 2010-2012

Academic training

 ・Ph.D. Candidate, Waseda University Graduate School (Present)
 ・M.A. International Peace Studies and M.A. Global Politics, University for Peace/Ateneo de Manila University, 2015
 ・M.A. Development Studies/Public Policy and Management with Minor in Gender Studies, Institute of Social Studies, 2007
 ・MSc. Development Management, London School of Economics and Politican Science, 2005
 ・B.A. Law, International Legal Affairs major, Tohoku Gakuin University Department of Law, 2004


 ・“Durable Solution towards Peace and Human Security-Reflecting Voices of Refugees and the Communities in Asia-” (Waseda University, 2022)

 ・“Rethinking Human Security, Peace and Development through Community Based Protection and Empowerment in Asia” (Waseda University and Peking University Joint Publication, 2022)


 ・”Whose Peace & Development? –The Aid Struggles in the Field” (Waseda University, 2014)


 ・“Realities of Peace and Development: Chaos is our lives.” (United Nations Mandated University for Peace, 2013)

 ・“Human Security and Japan’s ODA Policy –Development towards Poverty Reduction and Peace Building” (Waseda University, 2013)


 ・M.A. Dissertation: “Human Security and Gender Mainstreaming in Japan’s NEW ODA Policy -Change or Continuity?” (Institute of Social Studies, 2007)


 ・MSc. Dissertation: “The 50-Year Course of Japan’s Aid Policy in LDCS -From Economic Cooperation towards Human Security: In what ways have Japan’s aid policy changed? Does Japan’s ODA promote Human Security and Poverty Reduction in LDCs? Case Study from East Timor” (London School of Economics and Political Science, 2005)


 ・B.A. Thesis: “Japan’s Role in Asia -For Human Security” (Tohoku Gakuin University, 2003)–Honorable Mention Award Received for the Thesis Competition at Tohoku Gakuin University, 2003