GPAJ Refugee Crisis Workshop (20/06/2024)

Presenters:Akiko ABE (GPAJ Member) and Humanitarian Experts at Thai-Myanmar Borders(Humanitarian Affairs, Women and Children Affairs, Food and Shelter, Livelihood Affairs, Education, Civil Society, Youth and Landmine Issues, among others)

Theme:From the Field of Borders-Current Situation and Challenges faced by the Displaced Populations at Thai-Myanmar Borders

The current situation and challenges of displaced people in Myanmar was presented to understand such a global humanitarian crisis with the first-hand experience faced by the local humanitarian experts mainly in the northern region of Myanmar. After a presentation regarding the ongoing support for each sector such as humanitarian needs including food, shelter and education as well as support for civil society, participants discussed future support needs and the type of support required from the international community including Japan.

For more information, click here. (08/06/2024)

To access the June issue of International Development Journal, click here for p18 and here for p19. (20/06/2024)

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