Keiichiro KOMATSU


Keiichiro KOMATSU

 Keiichiro KOMATSU (小松 啓一郎)

Current affiliation

 ・Komatsu Research & Advisory (KRA)

Activities in the Association


Professional history

 Dr Komatsu is the Principal of KRA, which he established in March 2005 (Headquarters: UK). KRA provides comprehensive and tailored country risk analysis and help clients discover and develop business opportunities.

 Dr Komatsu is a Foreign Direct Investment promotion specialist, reflected in his careers at the World Bank, JETRO, British government’s DTI and British Trade International*. He is also a highly qualified SME (small and medium enterprise) promotion specialist. He spent 10 years at the Japanese semi-governmental Central Co-operative Bank for Commerce and Industry (The Shoko Chukin Bank).

 His extensive knowledge has been greatly appreciated by those in the development field, especially among policy-makers trying to devise policies to lift their national economies. While at the World Bank, he was also involved in establishing the financial institution for Malagasy SMEs known as FASP (fonds d’appui au secteur privé).

 In September 2008, Dr Komatsu was appointed as Special Advisor to the President of the Republic of Madagascar. However, a coup d’etat took place in early 2009 and his role changed from trade investment promotion to a highly diplomatic role where he and his colleagues made their very best efforts to re-establish a legitimate government in the country. In 2013, an internationally recognised election was held and a new President of the Republic was elected. This experience has given a new dimension to the work at KRA.

Professional Qualifications:

 ・Certified Specialist of Finance and Business Operations for Co-operatives of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, granted by the National Federation of Small Business Associations in Japan
 ・Certified Specialist of Legal Affairs in Banking (Highest Level), authorised by the Federation of Bankers Association of Japan
 ・Certified Specialist of Foreign Exchange dealing in Banking (Highest Level), authorised by the Federation of Bankers Association of Japan
 ・Sales License to Deal Securities, granted by the Federation of Bankers Association of Japan


 ・JETRO = the Japan External Trade Organisation
 ・DTI = the Department of Trade and Industry, now known as Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
 ・British Trade International = now known as Department for International Trade

Academic training

 ・University of Oxford (D.Phil. in International Relations)


  ・Global Politico-Economic Crises: The Pragmatic Approach (coming soon)


 ・Origins of the Pacific War and the Importance of ‘Magic’ (1999, UK: Japan Library, US: St. Martin’s, Palgrave Macmillan; 2008, UK: Routledge)


 ・『複眼思考:忍び寄る国際経済危機~英国からの検証~』(2006年7月第一刷、同年8月第二刷、2012年7月第三刷 ジェトロ出版部)